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A New Type Of Portable Rubber Boot
Hangzhou QingHong Footwear Company | Updated: Jan 09, 2018

Rubber boots in people's life in common apparel items, one of their rubber has the waterproof, heat preservation effect, also have certain fashion and clothing collocation is beautiful, such as the Chinese application number CN200920236335.8 released a kind of rubber boots, involves the portable rubber boots, including rubber ontology, handle, soles, rubber boots as stated in the ontology with boots on boots, pointed tip folding layer, with parts in boots boots with folding layer, and the utility model compared with the existing technology, at the same time of easy to carry, make the easiest rubber boots to wreck the tops of boots, boots with parts due to the folding layer, and overcome the problem of traditional rubber boots not folding. However, this kind of rubber boots is very inconvenient to wear, easily hurt foot, and affect the life of rubber boots.

The technical problem to be solved by the utility model is to provide a long rubber boot with convenient wearable and beautiful appearance. In order to achieve the purpose of the utility model, the utility model provides a kind of your rubber boots, including boots, boots tube bottom connection has described the shoe body, described at the back of the shoe body connected with the heel, it boots cone back from boots TongKou to the shoe body is equipped with zipper, zipper including chain, sprocket, cloth belt, chain head has a circular hoop, described the circular ring connected with rubber accessories. According to the above utility model, the rubber pendant can be round, square, leaf shape, etc. According to the above utility model, the heel of the heel has a reflective module. According to the above utility model, the reflective module can be reflective cloth, reflective film or reflective instant paste and other kinds of reflective materials. Beneficial effects of this utility model is to: simple structure, rubber wear is very convenient, beautiful generous, attached to their rubber boots new functions at the same time, make the night walk can glance, easy to let a person find warning effect, avoid the happening of the risk.