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How To Buy A Good Wader
Hangzhou QingHong Footwear Company | Updated: Feb 08, 2018

Wader generally use waterproof fabrics processed with certain waterproof effect of clothing, specifications have the whole body, bust, fully enclosed three, mainly used in chemical industry building, fire protection, fisheries, aquaculture fishing job protection, etc. According to the material of the current domestic market can be divided into old plate rubber inner tube, PVC, nylon and several kinds of waterproof and moisture permeable membrane. According to the material how to choose and buy the wader?

Rubber tire products

Early use of rubber tyres as raw materials, the current market usage is very few. At present, some small workshops have been produced and have been largely withdrawn from the market.

Flat rubber products

The flat rubber product is the replacement product of the tire, which is better in wearing comfort than the tyre. The water leakage is relatively less than the tire material, but it has obvious shortcomings, it is not resistant to scraping, and it is easy to be aged. High weight. Existing products are plain and linen grain products. The bust size products in terms of performance than PVC and rubber products. Has a certain advantage in the general specifications, easy processing, good waterproof performance, dress in a more convenient and has the characteristics of easy to repair. But anti-aging performance, not as good as PVC product.

Hang plastic products

This kind of product is relatively flat rubber products in aging performance has greatly improved and scratch-resistant mill. But the weight is almost a second times, applicable to industrial and mining sites. Such as coal mining, quarrying, variety specification is less, only bust products processing, no body series products.

PVC products

There are many advantages in PVC slacks, which include:

1. No aging, no gelatinization (production with high cycle heat and heat production).

2. Wear-resistant, easy to crack, easy to repair.

3. Acid and alkali resistant, oil resistant and elastic.

4. Light weight and comfortable to wear.

5. Stable product quality

Mining, fishing and underwater projects are better.