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How To Choose A Children's Raincoat
Hangzhou QingHong Footwear Company | Updated: Jan 30, 2018

How to buy a children's raincoat, what are the following points for your reference?

1.Raincoat material.

The average children's raincoat is made of PVC, which I think is enough, because the children's raincoat is only for casual wear, as long as it is precious, the raincoat of this material will not break. If you want to buy something better, buy PVC and nylon, which is stronger. For those plastic sheeting raincoats, only wear a few times can no longer wear, should not be bought for children.

2.Choose a raincoat size.

Raincoat size to choose good, when I buy, find a raincoat for ages actually small, such as writing a S, suitable for 3-5 years old children wear, but because sometimes the thickness or larger set of clothes, but also back schoolbag, so the size of the raincoat is smaller, should buy a bigger size, can wear a few years.

A bigger raincoat can also cover a child's legs, not to buy the rain pants alone, or more appropriate, of course, not too big.

3.Buy a raincoat with a backpack on your back.

Children usually need to carry a backpack, like kindergarten children like to carry a backpack, whether useful or useless. So when shopping for children's raincoats, there should be plenty of room for backpacks. So you don't have to be afraid of getting wet. In addition, to see if there are pockets, pockets are more practical, children will also like more.

4.Choose to have bright animation pattern.

Children like all kinds of bright animation patterns, such as Mickey Mouse and so on, such raincoat children tend to fondly love, also can let the child like to wear raincoat, also will be fond of. So choose carefully and try to make the child choose and exercise his or her own sense of self-selection.