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Rubber Boots - Fashion And Classic Inheritance
Hangzhou QingHong Footwear Company | Updated: Jan 09, 2018

A must have fashion accessory in the shoe ark, handmade boots wear suitable for city and outdoor various occasions.QINGHONG rubber production technology, with about forty years master artisans with handmade, suitable for a variety of shapes. Gao with wide cylinder rubber boots, Boyfriend style, fashion or cross-border cooperation, all kinds of rubber boots by hand have rain boots (man/woman) function, you can find your boots here new fashion.

QINGHONG brand has always been committed to achieving balance and harmony between city and outdoor life, and respecting human's will to return to nature. At present the product into riding, sailing, hunting, skiing and other outdoor activities, in addition to providing specialized clothing, more from the outdoor areas draw inspiration brought by the sports itself, should in all kinds of clothing design, noble blood and nearly half a century of the history background, form a green rainbow contact outdoor sports of all kinds of elegant natural, each season can bring us a new visual impact and comfortable experience.

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