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Spring And Summer Wear To Rubber Boots Shopping, That Is Called The Wind
Hangzhou QingHong Footwear Company | Updated: Jan 09, 2018

Fresh listed in March printing rubber boots, pure manual production to ensure the comfort, the decorative pattern of rubber bearing surface is full of mystery, the inside with pure cotton printing, insoles is Softtex polyamide fiber non-woven fabrics, with moisture absorption and quick drying and shock absorption, etc.

Features: waterproof, functional, easy to wear, unusual rubber boots. The delicate, complicated and colorful decorative patterns on the outside of the boots are very classical and give people a wonderful visual experience. Rubber boots are fully functional and you don't have to worry about having a foot problem in a day. Crucially, rubber boots are completed reference France by hand, in addition to comfort, you buy a pair of edition of set limit to that rubber boots are unique products, if you ride a trench coat, can become a scenery of the city streets ablaze.


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