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The History Of Rain Boots And Some Fashion Brand Of Rain Boots
Hangzhou QingHong Footwear Company | Updated: Jan 08, 2018

HunterBoots is a British professional boot brand with a long history.

In September 1856, NorthBritishRubber was founded in Edinburgh, a building called the silk mill castle. During the first world war, HunterBoots produced 118,5036 pairs of boots for the army.

In 1955, the NorthBritishRubber officially launched the classic green Hunter, known today as GreenWelly. Since 1955, HunterGreenWelly shoe money basically do not have very big change, just a few years ago to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the birth, just launched seven color HunterGivingWelly series, and each color of the shoe money represents for different charity to raise money.

The boots have long been labeled as a fashion icon.

In addition to the big-name HunterBoots, brands like TamaraHenriques, Marni, LoefflerRandall, Fendi, EmilioPucci and YvesSaintLaurent have all introduced shoes that are suitable for rain. The rain boots have changed, jumping into the fashion trend.

In addition to the multicolor, Fendi's JellyBoots, which celebrate the 10th anniversary of fendibaguettete, also includes a net color and FendiZucca and Fmonogram, as well as a selection of tall and short.

After the 2008 spring and summer fluorescent color rain boots, Chanel in her fishing series, also joined the black and white rain boots, the simple classic style and match colors, very big brand imposing.

Gucci's WhiteGucciMonogramBoots, which are decorated with classic double GLogo, are also pure color.

Burberry's WellingtonBoots looked more like a prototype of a black rain boot, but the paint, and the rivet in the shape of the boot, immediately brought the taste of British rock. In the spring/summer 2009 movie, the two supermodels wear it on their feet to see how stylish they are.

And Celine's rain boots, in addition to playing the color game, not forget the luxury brand, embellished leather on the boot, luxury style jump.

The higher profile is JimmyChoo, which has teamed up with Hunter to launch a completely luxurious style of rain boots, blending Hunter's traditional style with JimmyChoo's fashion sense. The natural rubber shoe shows the effect of the luxury brand's usual alligator skin, with a belt and gold buckle and rivet on top of the boots, even the inside of the boots are gorgeous leopard print.

It's not just the rain boots of Cheap&Chic, not just the big puddle of Glastonbury. In the once red-hot "Mr.&Mrs.Smith," AngelinaJolie also has a classic look of red rain boots. Hollywood female stars had also clearly cut, LivTyler, NataliePortman, KeiraKnightley, CatDeeley once the modelling with rain boots.

It is both fashionable and pragmatic, which may be another reason why rain boots are once again favoured by fashion.