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Why Don't You Have A Nice Guy's Rain Boots
Hangzhou QingHong Footwear Company | Updated: Jan 30, 2018

Hate rain, because of the rain the most upset is wet shoes, but it rains, I have to go on the market many children work boots, rain boots, is now popular in Europe and the popular lady Wellington tall canister boots, but why don't have a high quality good boots for men?

using plain waterproof rubber material to make shoes. The inside USES soft bristles, comfortable feeling is full, also has the function of isolating sweat. "At the same time, you can rub it in water."



It is made of high quality waterproof leather and has good waterproof performance and texture. The whole USES seamless technology to sew, waterproof is stronger, keep dry at all times, built in soft pure cotton, completely shake off the discomfort of long walk of the ankle.